What no one else will tell you

about getting a job

Kayaking at Sunrise

“When a conversation isn't going the way it's planned, there's still an opportunity. Look for something positive to come from every interaction.”

Steve McMahan
CompHealth Divisional President
Great Boss and Teacher



Who am I?

I’m unconventional.  

The companies I partnered with are unique. The clients I served as mentor and coach are atypical and wanted new ways of doing things. I worked with people who want to connect to their creativity and think unconventionally.

I’t's all about the employee – company match. For over 20 years, I helped software and bio-tech companies expand their employee base and grow. It’s fun.

Since I was a kid, I’ve been curious about why people work where they work, what their path was and what’s motivated them. I empower people to go inside and tap what they are meant to do professionally and personally. 

I’ve worked for DraftKings, VistaPrint and many more companies, and partnered with hiring managers matching the best people for open roles.

I’ve mentored, taught and coached all levels of employees: from executives to college graduates, through their career transitions and changes.

I work with people to get it done without the bullshit.

What do I do?

I’m often asked to meet with people looking to transition their careers, folks not sure where to go next professionally and college students not sure how to get that first job. Networking and personal branding are two popular challenges I help job seekers and hiring managers conquer.

Where can I help?

Online, via my blog, website or scheduled one to one coaching or mentoring.

Why do you need me?

You only need me if you are looking for more help than you can find here and on the web. Help determining what path to take, job to choose or how to navigate the scary world of search. Contact me if you need more help. 

Make the best decisions you can.